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SDM Training

As is true with all natural methods, the interaction between the service provider and client is critical to user success. To ensure the provision of quality counseling and follow-up services, the Institute has developed materials for training service providers using different approaches. Providers can participate in traditional class room, self-study and computer-based trainings. Some training approaches can be adapted for multiple audiences, including physicians, nurses, auxiliary nurses, social workers, community outreach personnel, and community health workers. Materials available include:

  • Curriculum materials for training providers in a one-day workshop. The manual Counseling Clients on The Standard Days Method: A Training for Service Providers and its accompanying Participant Notebook are available online in English and in print and CD-ROM in English, French and Spanish.
  • A training and counseling video to supplement the training manual and provide standardized case studies, available in English, French and Spanish.
  • A self-paced OnlineTraining Course to provide an easily-accessible, comprehensive orientation on counseling clients on the Standard Days Method of family planning. The program features a module on counseling which combines content with video-taped scenarios, a general information module providing an overview of the SDM, and a resources section providing teaching and counseling tools that can be easily downloaded. Participants register through the Institute’s website, and it takes approximately two hours to complete.
  • A module on the Standard Days Method of family planning within the USAID Global Health E-Learning Center. The module provides an overview of the SDM and combines technical content with program principles, best practices and case studies. The primary audience for the Learning Center is USAID staff including Population Health/Nutrition (PHN) officers and Foreign Service Nationals (FSNs) at USAID Missions around the world. CAs can also access the Learning Center.

For more information on SDM training services, contact the Institute at irhinfo@georgetown.edu.